Nurse's Information

A new form for medical information will be sent home.Please fill out front and back and return to Mrs. Bereza, School Nurse.

New students need to bring immunization records when they register for school.Each grade level has a required series of immunizations.Students will be excluded from school if they do not meet requirements of NYS.

If your child has a health issue that requires special consideration, please call the nurse's office at 334-1234 to discuss it.

When a student requires prescriptions or over the counter medication at school, it must be in the original bottle with a script on it for school. A Permission to Administer Form signed by both the parent and physician is needed to give legal authorization to dispense the medication. This is necessary even for over the counter medication, such as ibuprofen. An adult must bring the medication to school in the original container and not sent on the bus with the student.

When a student has had a fever, or has been vomiting at all, they should not come to school until they have been fever free or NOT vomiting for 24 hours without the aid of medication. This will protect their classmates and teachers, and will also protect them, as their immune system is compromised at that time and they could become more sick.

When a student has been to the ER, Urgent Care or doctor, and is unable to participate in PE, a note is needed from the ER, Urgent Care or doctor that states why and how long they need to stay out of PE. If they are not allowed to participate in PE, for their safety they cannot participate in recess, as they could injure themselves.


Your child is required to have a school physical in K, 2, & 4.Physicals done after Jan. 1st of the present year meet this requirement.Please notify the school nurse if you want the physical done in school by district’s health care provider.

Sometimes children need a change of clothing while in school. This could be caused by wet slides or grass, or due to an accident for the younger children. We ask that parents provide a change of clothing for their child to be kept in their lockers or cubbies in the event that they should need to change for any reason. This will prevent us from having to call you to bring in a change of clothes. Many times children are not willing to wear clothing that is not their own or we do not have clothing that will fit your child.

Please make sure that the school always has an up to date phone number in case of an emergency. If something happens to your child and the phone numbers are not working, you could miss a call that informs you of an emergency and directs you where to go. We always try to reach parents first. Please be sure your emergency contacts listed are able to pick up your child from school.


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